Educator Reflections

—for teachers, is a guided, written activity that requires moments of pause and reflection on your teaching experience, followed by making planned, systematic improvements.

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  1. It's a free service. And anyone with a Google Account can use it. However, it's designed for teachers.

  2. For further consideration:

  • This step-by-step reflective model was adopted from educational theorist David Kolb and is based on "experiential learning." It's designed to guide the learner to reconsider how they are involved in a particular problem, its potential outcome, and how to have a positive influence on that outcome.

  • Respondents can post or edit their response(s), and a new post will appear on the Google Doc below. It will also appear as a post on the Facebook page for feedback from the audience there.

  • Responses are anonymous, with really only Google's AI(artificial intelligence) likely to be the only entity possibly taking the time to figure out who is filling out the Google Form, which really doesn't seem significant(regarding privacy concerns). No email address is collected through the form, so no person at Educate Globally can know who the respondent is. But Google Form respondents must be signed into Google to respond. This allows us to easily hide posts from being seen again from someone that misuses the service, for example, if they post about something unrelated to education. However, in the remote possibility of someone posting about purposefully harming someone, we would definitely message Google to request that they look into their identity and contact authorities. Please search for help elsewhere for more serious problems that they are unrelated to teaching. Thank you for your interest in reading about this service. Lastly, for your consideration while you reflect, and just for reading this far, here's a list of factors that affect student achievement, ranked for effectiveness. You might refer to it during your written reflection process.

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