Live English Workshop

Join a new type of class for English language learners who want to focus on concepts in grammar, reading, writing, and speaking all in one convenient online class.

Learn at stations focused on concepts.

From one story come many activities, including: read and annotate, write responses to a prompt, discuss the prompt, and work on grammar concepts.

Reading levels are personalized.

Automatically recommended reading levels for new articles are based on past quiz results.

Get teacher assistance.

Teachers move between stations to assist students, check for understanding, and give feedback with suggestions. Teachers also lead group discussions and whole class activities.

Learn More About Station Rotation, Progress, and Experience

Classroom activities will be introduced at the beginning of class. In our classroom model students can either request to be rotated to another station after their work is done at a station or rotate with their group through all the group activities.

Student Reading Progress Report

  • Reading levels can easily be adjusted manually.
  • Students are grouped by reading levels, which rely on quiz results.

Activity Stations from an Individual Rotation Model, by (video explanation for station rotation).

Why station rotation?

  • Smaller groups allow for more interaction with the teacher and classmates for more actionable feedback and discussions.

Station Expectations

  • Each station will have clear goals for the student to achieve.
  • There is a teacher guided discussion and focused activity groups on grammar, annotation, writing, and speaking concepts. There are also gameshow activities for everyone at the beginning and end of class.

Online Workshop Station: using software (read 5 star reviews)