Educate Globally

—to enable small projects to make big impacts.

This website contains an evolving group of projects. Some are organized here, like Teaching Jobs Taiwan and Educator Reflections. While others, like Lifetime Development and Climate Clock are available here for reference because of their extraordinary educational value.

Additional projects and developments are always on the horizon.

Speaking of horizons, humanity's is narrowing due to climate change. Current initiatives to stop, or even reverse, the global warming process involve carbon sequestration(removing carbon from the ocean and atmosphere and putting it back into the ground) combined with a transition from burning fossil fuels to using advanced battery technology and renewable energy sources.

The Climate Clock(below) has a time remaining based on a calculation of how much more fossil fuel people can burn at current global emission rates before drastic global changes are unavoidable. The Climate Clock is meant to inspire you to take action today on projects that will make this planet a better one for our children to live on tomorrow.