About Us


After teaching and traveling in foreign countries for some years, a teacher set this site up because it seemed like an ideal explanation for what more and more teachers were doing as education becomes more open and personalized.

Statistics show life expectancy increasing (1) and people expecting to learn more over a lifetime (2), providing just a little more encouragement to be working on innovative and idealistic education projects today.

Thank you for your interest. Feel free to contact us through this form.

Note: www.educateglobally.com does not have any business operations at the moment.

Plans & Projects

Coming Soon:

  • Reflection & Feedback Forum for Teachers

  • Project Forum for Teachers


About the job board:

  • It feeds job posts to a Facebook page or group, which can then easily be shared or advertised across Facebook.

  • It can easily be embedded on websites.

  • The software used is free and the templates can be made available for free upon request.

Possible future projects include:

  • Development of new education marketplace. There has already been some feedback and suggestions from teachers through an online survey. Please get in touch if you have marketing, or other expertise, and are interested in being a part of this platform.

  • Other projects on hold include: Video Series & Escape Rooms

Apps This Website Uses

Google Sites and Forms are used, as well as a few mentioned below.

Awesome Table is an application that displays the data provided by a datasource (for example, a Google spreadsheet) in a customizable view with filters, which can be embedded into any web site. Awesome Table runs on Firebase.

Firebase is primarily a realtime database acquired by Google in 2014. It provides an API for developers to store and sync data across multiple clients.