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After teaching and traveling in foreign countries for some years, I bought this domain name because it was an ideal name for what I was doing and seeing other foreign teachers do. With this in mind, combined with facts like life expectancy increasing (1) and people expecting to learn more over a lifetime (2), I'm interested in trying to get innovative and idealistic ideas off the ground and working to benefit people through the name Educate Globally.

I look forward to any interest you have in working with me, hopefully on one of the plans and projects on this site. Thank you.

Note: www.educateglobally.com does not have any business operations at the moment.

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With any questions, concerns, or interests please contact the site administrator directly, or on LinkedIn or Facebook.

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Awesome Table is an application that displays the data provided by a datasource (for example, a Google spreadsheet) in a customizable view with filters, which can be embedded into any web site. Awesome Table runs on Firebase.

Firebase is primarily a realtime database acquired by Google in 2014. It provides an API for developers to store and sync data across multiple clients.