Escape English

Online Escape Rooms With English Language Learning Puzzles

4 Rooms: Grammar, Reading, Writing, and Speaking

Students Wanted

  • type and speak during entry and exit game show contests.
  • answer grammar questions and puzzles.
  • reading comprehension puzzles.
  • write responses to prompts.
  • give feedback to peers.
  • communicate in English while under pressure.
  • collaborate within your team and to teams in other rooms.

Teachers Wanted

  • Tell stories to introduce topics and clue drop at key times.
  • Check for student understanding and assist without giving away answers.
  • Offer real time feedback with public compliments and private suggestions (avoiding student embarrassment).
  • Lead discussions, small group and whole class.
    • discussion topics include: grammar, annotation, writing (literary themes, etc.), and other speaking topics
  • Host class activities.
    • class activities include: game shows, puzzles, and other escape room activities.